Whether the Sony MDR-NC11A is actually any good, seems to be hit or miss if you read all the user reviews on the Internet. For about half of the people they don't work at all and the sound is awful (which is my experience as well), while for the other half they work flawlessly.

For US$ 99.99, you would at least expect the Sony MDR-NC11A to be able to achieve some of the claims it makes. But in my case it didn't. The sound quality is far below par and even worse than some cheap $4 earbud style headphones I bought in a supermarket while on holiday in France. Noise cancellation is virtually non-existing. Some people claim a break-in period is needed with these kind of headphones and although a quick test I did supported this idea to a certain degree, I still think these headphones are a huge waste of money. People buy these things on airports and expect them to work immediately. In my opinion, if they don't work for their intended use, they don't work at all.

The only reason I rated these headphones a 4.5 (and not a 1.0) is because apparently, they do work for some people.

The good
  • Nice design (available in white, black and blue)
  • Very light
  • Earbuds fit very comfortably

The not-so-good
  • Volume way too low
  • Sounds travel up the wires to your ears
  • Uneven length wires to earbuds

The downright ugly
  • Terrible sound quality
  • Noise cancellation does not work
  • Headphones might need "break-in period" before they work satisfactory
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