Review: Denon DVD-1920 Progressive Scan HDMI DVD Player
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In the United States, HDTV (High Definition Television) is becoming increasingly common. In Europe, however, HDTV is only moderately supported. For example, here in the Netherlands where I live, there are only a handful of Channels that broadcast in HDTV and they can only be picked up through satellite TV as cable companies are not able to provide HDTV reliably yet. That was about to change the summer of 2006. HDTV was to be introduced by the Dutch cable companies right before the 2006 World Cup Soccer Championships were to air. The announcement sparked soaring sales of HDTV capable Plasma and LCD TV's here in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, our cable companies failed miserably and none of them had HDTV ready and available when the World Cup began. It's estimated that perhaps a few thousand households were able to watch some of the matches in HDTV - but only barely.

I too got suckered in by the promise of HDTV and tossed out my trusty old 100Hz Sony Widescreen 32" CRT and got myself a 50" HDTV-ready plasma TV. Although I haven't regretted this purchase for one second (it simply is a beautiful TV), I also haven't been able to enjoy HDTV images on it yet. Since analog cable signals suck on these TVs, I decided I needed to get the second best thing to HDTV - a DVD player with High Definition digital output. After much consideration and comparison with other brands, I finally decided on the Denon DVD-1920 Progressive Scan DVD Player, with HD output over HDMI and Component outputs. A choice I would not regret either.

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