Review: Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Game Pad
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It's the age-old question: work, or play? In my case that translates to: Do I finish that project my client expects me to finish before the end of the week, do I write another review for the BuzzyPedia, or do I go online and play some more BattleField 2142? Then it hit me. Why not play some more BattleField 2142, then write a review about the stuff I use to play games? Two birds with one stone! Admittedly the third bird, my client, draws the short straw here, but it's really all about priorities. His projects will put my kid through college - but it won't buy me cool gaming gadgets.

That said, I had to get myself a gaming gadget to write a review about. One thing that always bugs me is how the letters on my keyboard fade over time because when playing games, you always use the same keys. And now that I have a $200.00 Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth keyboard, I'm really not waiting for that to happen. So the most logical step was to buy one of those dedicated gaming keyboards. For some odd reason, none of the computer stores I checked out sold these keyboards. Except for one. And they only sold one particular brand and model: the Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Game Pad. Yes, it is funny when a Chinese company tries to come up with a "l33t" name.

Apparently, there are two versions of the Cyber Snipa. There's the original version which is called the "Cyber Snipa Game Pad" and then there is the newer version which is called the "Cyber Snipa Game Pad 2" (hey, you can't expect them to be creative twice). The difference between the two is that the newer version has more numeric keys (10 instead of 7) and some of the keys are grey instead of black. Other than that they are identical.

I bought the older version because, well, that's the only one the store sold.

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