I've had the Harmony 880 in my possession for a few weeks now and I've been more than happy with it. I still need my original remotes from time to time, but that's simply because I've been too lazy to customize my device templates on the Harmony website to program the missing commands.

And that perhaps is the only real drawback, that setting up the Harmony is quite the task. It's not as simple as entering a few codes into your remote, and if you are a below average computer user you probably can't get the job done at all. But, once it has been setup you'll enjoy the best remote control you've ever had the pleasure zapping with - or at least that's my opinion of it.

Like I said previously, they did good at Logitech.

The good
  • Beautiful design
  • Color LCD display and backlit buttons
  • Charging station
  • Great ergonomics
  • Easy to use
  • Huge database of devices online
  • Control many devices at once with a single button ("activities")
  • Powerful IR transmitter

The not-so-good
  • Lacks manual
  • Requires installation of software on your PC
  • Not really plug 'n play
  • No possibility to customize the "Off" button

The downright ugly
  • Installs software on your PC that stays resident in your systray
  • The installed software interferes with other software
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